Basketball Court Rental

Basketball is a fantastic sport for getting some exercise while having a good time. Due to the game's popularity, however, finding a place to play can be difficult at times. A perfect solution to this problem is to rent a basketball court and have a dedicated space to play or practice alone or with a group.

Consider renting an "open gym" if you just want to shoot around and practice your lay-ups. What are the things to note when you want to rent a basketball court?

Expect a large crowd, but you should have a hoop and a net on hand, and with enough people, you might even be able to organize a decent pick-up game.

Verify that the court description meets the requirements for your team's practice or game. Most arenas have official NBA/NCAA courts as well as regular high school courts. Official courts usually charge a little more per hour than private courts.

If you are the court's host, you can expect to be paid hourly. The majority of leisure and sports centers will bill on a per-hour basis, with rates varying. A full court rental can cost anywhere from $10 to $80 per hour, depending on the location and facilities.

Look into renting just one half of a basketball court for a lower cost. Many full-sized courts will offer this as an option. You'll obviously have a shorter court, but most courts that offer this option will also include a half-court net that drops down from both ends of your shorter court.

Visitor seats, locker rooms, and coach or team conference rooms are all things to look into. For league games or tournaments, double-check the availability of clocks and scoreboards, as well as officiating and scorekeeping personnel. These add-ons are typically available for a fee or on an hourly basis.

Request a team, league, or organization discount if you need numerous rentals every week to complete a season. Most basketball courts will provide this type of discount, but make sure to reserve ahead of time to ensure a larger range of days and times.

If you rent numerous basketball courts or a single court for more than one hour, ask about a discount. You may be eligible for a $20 per hour discount if you rent a court for three hours or more. A shooting and rebounding machine is also available for hourly rental on many basketball courts.

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