Community Guidelines

These terms are subject to change as we constantly evaluate and assure the safety of our Sport Source community and members. These guidelines were last updated on May 6, 2021.

Our community guidelines address matters that we feel are important and to enable a safe and trustworthy community. These guidelines address the following:

  • Harm
  • Hazardous conditions
  • Security
  • Theft/vandalism/extortion
  • Fraud
  • Discrimination/hate speech
  • Bullying/Harassment
  • Misrepresentations
  • Commitments

We value all members of our community and will not tolerate putting others in danger, endangering others, or committing any act that goes against our values to uphold a safe and trustworthy environment and community for our members.

Physical or sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, robbery, human trafficking, other acts of violence, or holding anyone against their will not be tolerated. Terrorists or members of organized criminal activity are not welcome in our community. Self-harm or threats of to harm to others will also be taken seriously and investigated. Sport Source will work with law enforcement and respond to incidents as they arise.

Our community should not have or keep unsecured weapons, dangerous animals, or subject users to hazardous chemical or other material(s). In the event of any emergency, there should be available space and protocol to evacuate safely.

We ask you to respect the property of others, including information and personal belongings. We believe that others should treat and respect others as they wish to be treated and respected.

Taking property that belongs to others and/or using other people’s property without permission will not be tolerated. We also condone any threat(s) to users or hosts concerning bad ratings or reviews in general, but certainly not for personal or other gain(s).

Sport Source does not tolerate fraudulent activity. You should not make transactions outside of Sport Source’s payments system, or abuse the payment system in any way, including but not limited to money laundering or diverting payments.

We like rule followers and are huge supporters of equality. Our community should follow all applicable laws concerning ethnicity, national origin, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disability, or diseases.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment and will investigate all valid reports of this activity thoroughly. We encourage all users/hosts to report all incidents.

Our community should not provide any false personal information, including commercial listing information. Specific events or parties outside of the original scope of the booking are not allowed without the host’s approval.

We value honesty at Sport Source. This includes honest reporting of location information, availability information, and the general nature of the listing itself. All hazards are to be disclosed. Fraudulent listing and/or booking information will not be tolerated.

Let’s follow through on our commitment(s) to each other, aside from reasonable circumstances. Our community should respect all cancellation and check-in procedures and follow all applicable rules pertaining to the Sport Source platform.