What is Sport Source? 

Sport Source is a platform that connects athletes, coaches, parents, trainers and fitness enthusiasts to sport space rentals (i.e. basketball courts, volleyball courts, swimming pools, dance studios, etc)

How Do I Become a Sport Source Host?

To be approved for rental on the Sport Source platform, hosts must complete the onboarding process on the Sport Source app and submit a safe, qualified sport space for approval.  Listings are typically approved within 48 hours. Once approved, you will be notified and the listing will be published.

What Kinds of Spaces Can I List?

A sport source qualified space is any recreational space traditionally used for movement that can be rented by the hour for the primary purpose of physical activity (i.e. gym, field, swimming pool, studio, green space, fitness or dance studio).

Does it Cost To List My Space? 

There is no cost to list  your space with Sport Source.

The fees are as follows: A 10% commission fee is applied on each booking. This means, if you charge $100/hour, you make $90.

How Do I Get Paid? 

Guests are charged upfront through Sport Source’s third party payment provider, Stripe. All payouts are executed and processed within three to five business days direct to your registered bank account, minus Sport Source service fees and commissions. 

Do I Have to be Present During the Booking?

Sport Source allows hosts to set their own rules for their space. We ask that you coordinate all necessary arrival and access details with guests through the platform.

How Are Cancellations Handled?

Sport Source offers flexible cancellation policies to meet the unique needs of your space. Each host has the option to determine their own cancellation policy during the listing process.

How Can I Get Help?

You can submit a help request on the profile page within the app by clicking “Help/Feedback”. A Sport Source support team member will get back to you within 24 hours.


How do I Create an Account to Book a Space? 

Renting is simple on the Sport Source platform! Just download the app, create a sign in with an email account or Apple ID, and begin searching! 

When Will I Receive Booking Confirmation From My  Host? 

Some reservations are confirmed immediately (“Instant Booking”). We ask hosts to respond to booking requests within -- hours. 

When Will I Receive the Address for my Booking? 

Upon approval of your booking by the host, you will receive an email confirmation and in- app notification that your booking request has been approved.  The address 

Can I Reserve Multiple Spaces at the Same Time? 

You may book multiple spaces within the same facility for the same timeframe. To avoid excess cancellation requests, you may not request multiple spaces at different locations at the same time. 

How Many People Can I Bring to My Booking? 

All rules for capacity are set by the individual hosts.

What is Expected of Me When Booking a Space? 
  • All communications and transactions related to your booking must be handled through the Sport Source platform (payments, logistics, host communications).
  • Tell the host who you are and what you plan to do in their space. This will equip the host with the necessary information to accept your booking request quickly.
  • Read listings, descriptions, rules and terms carefully. Make sure you understand all host and Sport Source requirements and communicate them to those who will be accompanying you.
  • Read reviews to best understand the accommodations. Plan your time to avoid overtime charges.
What is Expected During My Rental Time? 
  • Adhere to all facility rules, guidelines and agreed upon start and end times
  • Use the space as detailed in the listing and agreement.
  • Do a walk through of the space up on arrival. Make sure everything is in working order and notify the host immediately if you see any damages or problems.
  • Be respectful and mindful in your treatment of the space (and others around you) during your booking.
  • Remember by booking through Sport Source, you agree to cover the repair cost of any damages caused during your booking.
  • Communicate and be professional. Communicate any booking issues that may arise directly with your host.
What is Expected of Me After My Booking?
  • Write an honest review of your experience using the space. Provide fair and thorough feedback to benefit both the host and future renters of the space.
  • If you had a good experience, please share Sport Source with your friends and colleagues. Growing the Sport Source community benefits everyone!
How Do Payments Work? 

Payments are facilitated by our third party payment processing provider, Stripe. We accept debit and credit cards through the platform.

How Can I Be Sure I am Booking with a Trusted Host? 

We review every host’s listing before it goes live on Sport Source. Check out host profiles and reviews to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What are The Benefits of Booking Through Sport Source? 

Sport Source was created to take the hassle out of the sport space rental process, saving you time and headache. We provide transparent pricing, pre-approved spaces, no hassle booking and a commitment to safeguarding you . By conducting all communications and transactions within the Sport Source platform, you have access to multiple protections including cancellation/refund policies, dispute resolution, secure payments and fraud safeguards. 

Do I Have to Create an Account to Message a Host? 

Yes. A Sport Source account is required to communicate with hosts. Hosts are opening their spaces and homes to guests through our platform. We strive to create an environment of trust and security. The best way to do this is by requiring both parties to create a verified account with Sport Source. All that is required is your email address. 

What do I Do If a Booking Results in Missed Expectations or Damages?
  • We encourage users to communicate professionally with hosts
  • You can submit a help request on the profile page within the app by clicking “Help/Feedback”. A Sport Source support team member will get back to you within 24 hours.
How are You Handling Covid Restrictions? 

During COVID-19, we ask that all Sport Source hosts, users and invitees obey all local COVID-19 restrictions and regulations per their local government guidelines.