Rent Basketball Court Salem

These days, both adults and kids participate in such a wide variety of sports, people often have trouble finding a facility where they can practice. Fortunately, Sport Source help connect both individuals and sports teams with local facilities, including swimming pools, basketball courts, courts, and fields. We offer a wide selection of sports facilities perfect for community gatherings or tournaments. Here are some of the benefits of booking a rental with us using our app.

You’re In Control

If you are looking for a place to play, our app will notify you of the best sports facility in your area. And you can choose to rent whenever you are ready to. You can search and filter the spaces you have available to reduce inquiries. For instance, if you are trying to rent a basketball court for your intramural basketball team that only practice every other Wednesday, Sport Source can help you. Looking for the full court basketball rental? Check out our rental options. Our catalog of the best basketball courts will get you up and moving. Besides, we verify every organization that comes to our platform to ensure quality rentals. 


Sport Source was created to take the stress out of your sport space rental process, in order to save you headaches and time. We provide transparent pricing and hassle free booking process to safeguard you. All performing transactions and communications within the platform, you have access to several protection including refund/cancellation policies, dispute resolution fraud safeguards, and secure payments. Payments are facilitated by our 3rd-party payment processing provider. We also accept credit and debit cards through our platform.

Our Team

Our team at Sport Source is made up of technology professionals and former pro and collegiate whose passions lie at the intersection of technology & sports. If you are fed up with the inability to connect with and schedule sport space rental to hold your own events, Sport Source has dedicated its team to providing the solution to help make sports space available to everyone.

Our platform was created with a mission to make sports more accessible and the aim to digitally connect all sports players in the sporting community. Sport Source is for you to discover and connect with those in the industry, no matter if they are in your local community or across the country.

Serving Our Customers

Sport Source is dedicated to providing great customer service at every step of the way. We understand that the success of your sports event pivots on the little things just as much as it hinges on the big things. That is why we work hard to ensure that your Sport Source experience is outstanding. So, whether you are looking for a private basketball court near me or a rent basketball court Salem, we are here to help.

At Sport Source, we are dedicated to making sure your sporting activities or event is a success. That is why we ensure you get access to thousands of sporting facilities that fit your needs. Contact us today for more detail about any other sporting facility including rent basketball court Salem.