Volleyball Court Rental

If you are an athlete or a sportsperson, chances are you have rented a sporting space over the past year. So, you may know how stressful it may be to book a great sport space when required. You will need to contact the facility and wait until they check their database to inform you whether the sports facility is available. Due to these, you don’t have much flexibility in your training. Such experience is not the best. Fortunately, Sport Source offers a smart sport rental app that is a real game-changer in the sports rental industry.

What is Sport Source App?

This is an innovative sports app that was launched to help make it easier for individuals and teams to find the right sports facilities where they can train and play. Sport Source allows both private and public sports facilities, operators, and gyms to rent out their sports facilities through the app while providing their preferences for capacity. Meanwhile, coaches, teams, athletes, and individuals can use the app to access sports spaces that they can filter by amenities, location, prices, and assess through photos.

In addition to Sport Source app helping individuals and teams play sports in a more organized way, it can also benefit teams looking for sports spaces to train when out on the road. For a better user experience, we make a list of sports games and activities and not just the name of the sports facilities. This would allow you to solve your real problem and find the best place to train or play your favorite sports. Sport Source wants to make it very simple to discover activities happening close by and those that want to use the facilities. Whether you want to find a great sport event nearby or just party rental venues or volleyball courts for rent, Sport Source can help.

How Renting Works on Sport Source App?

Download the app: Renting sports space is simple on the platform. Simply download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and create a sign in with either your Apply ID or Email account.

Select your preferred day and time slot: Find court rental venues, gym, volleyball court rental, or any other sports spaces you may want to book, then choose your preferred day and claim your favorite slot.

Request your booking: after choosing the day and time you want to book, let say a volleyball court rental, then you will be required to submit your request and get your booking confirmation immediately. Sport Source booking solution is both rich in features and well-thought-out. Our goal is that anyone should be able to understand the app within seconds. You can easily rebook orders, notify customers of updates, rebook orders, and a couple of other smart features.  

Make a payment online: Once your booking request has been confirmed, you can pay for your booking online by your debit or credit card. Our payments are facilitated by a 3rd-party payment processing provider, Stripe.

For more information about our pricing and services, contact Sport Source to talk with our customer care rep.