Basketball Court Rental

Sport Source makes basketball court rental easy and affordable, with in-app booking and assistance in locating a court in your area or while on the go. See our FAQs to learn more about the benefits of using our active space rental app. Rent your court out to teams and individuals and get paid when your court is not in use.

Gym Rental Salem

Download the Sport Source app for quick and easy gym rental in Salem. If you're looking for a place to workout, a pool to practice in, a court for your team, or any active space in your location or while on the road, Sport Source can help you find the ideal spot with no hassles. Explore thousands of rentable active spaces on our app.

Indoor Team Practice Venues

Find and rent indoor team practice venues with the Sport Source app. If you're constantly getting shut out by other teams and are in need of an active court, rink, gym, studio, field, pool, or practice space of any kind, search through our app, book in minutes, and spend more time doing what you love to do.

Private Basketball Court

Rent a private basketball court for yourself, your group, or your team through the Sport Source app. Discover unlimited active spaces around the country that are available to rent and spend more time practicing and less time searching for a rentable court. You'll love how easy the Sport Source app is to use.

Professional Swimming Pool Rental

Booking a professional swimming pool rental is easier than ever with the Sport Source app. Find unlimited sport spaces in your community and across the US, including backyard pools and professional size pools, so you'll always have a place to work out, even if the gym is closed. Download the app to get started.

Rent Basketball Court Salem

Rent a basketball court in Salem through the Sport Source app when you need to find a place for your team to practice. You'll discover thousands of rentable active spaces through Sport Source, including courts, rinks, fields, pools, studios, gyms, and backyards; see our FAQs for additional information.

Rent Pickleball Court

Rent a Pickleball court when you're traveling by using the Sport Source app to find a great location for your Pickleball games. Simply download the app and start searching for active spaces instead of calling around and wasting time. Sport Source is 5-star rated and provides convenience and affordability.

Rent Volleyball Court Salem

Download Sport Source and rent a volleyball court in Salem without having to call around or wait for an opening. Book your court rental through the Sport Source app for ultra-convenience; you'll find additional sport spaces in and around your area, as well as while you're on the road. Our app is 5-star rated by users.

Reserve Basketball Courts

Reserve basketball courts through the Sport Source app instead of wasting time on the phone or online. If you need a basketball court for practice or games, our app can make it easy to find a venue for rent at a price you can afford. Download Sport Source to get started, then discover unlimited active spaces near you and around the country.

Volleyball Court Rental

Your next volleyball court rental is guaranteed tone hassle-free when you download Sport Source and rent through our convenient app. If you need a space for your team to practice or participate in any type of sport, our app can make it easy to locate sports courts, fields, studios, rinks, gyms, pools, and more.